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Facebook Hidden Tool

These tools, Facebook scanner and Facebook private profile viewer, are like a double edged knife. They can be used to view as friend on other people Facebook accounts or profiles but they can also be used to make people Facebook accounts or profiles more secured and more private that are not as easy to view.



Facebook is a very popular social media network that is used by many people. When you use facebook, you can upload and publish many things. This is known as post. You can post text images, videos and many other things. Normally, everything you post are visible to everyone.


Because Facebook is a social media network, there are stalker is not surprising. As mentioned above, your Facebook and Facebook posts are visible to everyone by default setting. So Facebook stalker can view these contents with ease. However, you can deter them with privacy settings.

By default, your Facebook account have a lot of visibility. But you can set it so that only a selected few or only you can view them. This action can be applied to your entire Facebook accounts. This will essentially turn your Facebook into a private Facebook account. Once set, you need to satisfies a few requirements before you can view anything from these Facebook account. For example, “friend only” setting will only allow friends view your contents. So you need be friend with these facebook to view their contents. However, “only me” setting will not allow anyone other than the Facebook account owner to view their contents. There is not much you can do about these Facebook accounts. There is also “Friends of friends” setting, this work similarly to “Friend only” setting, but you can view the target profile despite not being their friend. This is likely because you are already friend with one of their friend so you can easily view their contents without any further works.


One of the most notable example of private Facebook is hidden pictures. Normally, any images or pictures, that are uploaded to Facebook, can be viewed by everyone. But a picture post, like other kind of Facebook posts, will be affect by your Facebook privacy setting. Once you alter privacy settings on one of your pictures posts. You now have a Facebook hidden pictures post.


There are many Facebook scanner that can scan your Facebook accounts for privacy and security issues. These tools can be very handy when you try to find a perfect privacy setting for you.

You can see the condition that a Facebook stalker have to go through before get to your Facebook profile. So if your posts and Facebook account have “Friend only” privacy setting. Chance are that one of your Facebook friend is the stalker. To stop people on your friend list from seeing your posts, can can block them. Once you blocked them, you can no longer receive anything from them and they will not see anything from you. In other word, if you blocked someone, your direct interactions with that person will be limited.

Similarly, “friends of friends” have easier to satisfies condition. As people don’t need to be your direct Facebook friends to view your contents. So it would similar to “Friend only” settings. But it can be a bit harder to figure out who is stalking your Facebook profile. This also mean that it will be harder to find the right target to block. And that they can always comeback be being friend with one of your facebook friends.

When it come to people who view your facebook profile, you can use Facebook scanner to find out who. These tools, in addition to scanning your profile for privacy or security issues, also can help you find out who is viewing your Facebook profile. Many of these tools can be found online.

Facebook private profile viewer tools

Unlike, regular Facebook profile viewer, these tools can let you view more than just profile. With Facebook private profile viewer, as their name suggest, you can view to a certain extent of any Facebook profile it. Some of these tools also let you view Facebook hidden pictures. These are some of the reason why these tools have more features than regular Facebook profile viewer. Like regular profile viewer, Facebook private profile viewer, can also be found online. Despite these Facebook profile viewer are made for viewing other Facebook profile. But you can always use these Facebook private profile viewer to check for issues that are related to privacy or security issues of your Facebook account or profiles. So like Facebook scanner, these tools can be used stalk other Facebook profiles as well as used to make one Facebook profile to be more private and secured. This is because some Facebook profile viewer are just a front-end for Facebook browsing and nothing more. So you can use these tools to see if your contents are easily accessible. For example, if contents on your Facebook profile can be accessed too easily, you should check your Facebook privacy and security settings. This is much more important on more sensitive contents such as family pictures and among other things. On the other hand, Facebook scanner can give out more information related to your facebook profiles. Most of the time, these information can not be accessed easily without the use of these tools. That mean you can use these tools to better secure your Facebook profile with. Because these tools can give out more information relating to your Facebook accounts or profiles, mean that Facebook stalker can use these tools to their end. As most of the time, Facebook stalker are out to gather information of their target. But that said, you can use their tools to limit what information they can get about you. And possibly, restrict their accessibility on information relating to you or your Facebook accounts or profiles.


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