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Azimuth: Chrome Extension to Download Facebook 360 Photos

You would have come across Facebook 360 Photos and Videos. They are really amazing and they add a sense of reality to the photo. If you have a VR then the photo can actually take you to the place it was captured. With all the high-end cameras and graphics, you would really not be able to feel the difference between those photos and the reality. At some point in time, you would have tried to actually download those videos and photos but you would have had compatibility issues. But there is a chrome extension available which can enable you to download these Facebook 360 Photos and Videos and here is the short review of this extension. Let us start by checking out the features of Azimuth.

Features of Azimuth

The chrome extension can automatically fetch the 360 photos and videos and it compiles them to give you a save view on the desktop. The application can also enable you to download the cube-map along with the equirectangular formats of the photo or the video that is available on the Facebook. This extension not only saves the photo but the extension also saves the Metadata along with the photo. Apart from this features mentioned above, the extension enables you to share the photos and the videos on your Facebook profile without any trouble.

How to use Azimuth?

Using this extension is quite easy, once you install the extension, simply restart your chrome browser and then go to the place where you have the Facebook 360 photo on the browser. Once that is done, simply click on the extension button and it will be able to download the Facebook 360 photo or the video by clicking on the download button and selecting the mode.

General Review

The extension is certainly a great tool for capturing the photos but the user needs to ensure that he doesn’t violate any copyrights. Apart from this, the output of the application is in a very high quality and the application doesn’t lag at all. The total size of the extension is less than 60 KB and hence you do not face any compatibility issue as well. It should be noted that the application is compatible with the Chrome Browser on laptops, desktops, and MacBook. You would not be able to install the extension on the chrome browser on your phone. Apart from this, the extension has already been installed by over 12 thousand people and the average rating of the application is around 4 stars. You can also go ahead and download this amazing extension on your chrome browser and then you can showcase some of the amazing videos to your friends via Facebook profile. You must give a try to this extension and to install the extension simply click on the link below if you have chrome as your default browser. If in case, chrome is not your default browser then copy the link and paste it into the chrome address bar.

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