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Facebook’s ‘Gmail Killer’ Project Titan to be announced on November 15th Special Event

Facebook’s secret project Titan which is reported to be the probable Gmail killer has once again caught the limelight as news kept on rolling regarding its launch which many thinks is scheduled to be on next Monday i.e. November 15th in the Facebook’s special event. According to Techcrunch, the invites that were forwarded by Facebook for the Mondays event has some close indication towards the launch of the project Titan which alongside will unveil the personal email address for its users. Although there are no official announcement in support of this news, Techcrunch believes that the Monday event is not all about merely a UI refresh for Facebook’s existing messaging service but rather has the potential to deliver an announcement of a full-fledged webmail client.

There are also many discussions going on in the web community where all the folks has placed their own views regarding the project Titan which is the so-called “Gmail killer”. Even though there are news regarding the possible clash between the two greatest powers, it will be worthwhile to wait and see how the whole story unfolds but until then Gmail is quite safe to hold its dominance in de facto as of now.

Do you think Facebook’s Project Titan can really dethrone Google’s Gmail? Do share your views and comments with us.

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