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So Your Work Has Blocked Facebook?

So your work has blocked facebook? Well, life isn’t over as you know it. Your work may not wanting you to know this but there is a way for you to unblock facebook at your work without them knowing it. The secret is to you a unblock facebook website like this one, also known as an internet proxy site.

What these unblock facebook websites allow you to do is to trick your work’s computer network in to thinking that you are visiting a different site other than facebook. Your work’s network doesn’t know this site, it’s not in the block list, so it allows you on, and voila, facebook, the way it was meant to be, unblocked.

How do these unblock facebook websites work? Well it is actually a complicated process to actually unblock facebook, tiktok, but to summarize things in a few brief paragraphs, your work has blocked the domains and Now what this does is that when you try to access facebook from either Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox, when that website address is called up, the blocking software shows you either a page not found page or an access denied page. Either way, facebook is blocked and you cannot access facebook.

Unblock facebook websites takes that address or and scramble it all up, then encrypt the address, scramble it some more, and then redirect you through there special unblock facebook script and voila, the end result is Facebook Unblocked!

These unblock facebook websites hide your IP address which stands for internet protocol. For all of you who have now idea what that is, each computer connected to the internet has it’s own ID tag number, by visiting facebook through one of these special unblock facebook websites, it’s like your using their special ID tag number rather than the ID tag number from the computer you are using, so the worst that can be tracked from your work is that you visited this unblock facebook site, which you can always use that excuse that you needed to check your email if anything serious ever arises from it.

Although all aspects of facebook may not be useable from one of these unblock facebook websites, they are still visible, and really, you can be too fussy, because face it, your not even suppose to be on facebook when your at school or work anyways, so just be happy with what you can access when you unblock facebook. Most of the features of facebook are accessible from any good unblock facebook website, such as thise, but there are some features like various postings and status updates that may not be available for security reasons. If you were to threaten someone through one of these unblock facebook websites it would hide your identity, so the facebook owners could not prove that it is actually you using your account so they have gone through extra measures to ensure even when using our great unblock facebook website that you cannot use these features.

So in closing, we hope you have a better understanding about our unblock facebook website and how our special unblocking facebook tools are used to give you the right of your freedom to surf. Nobody should have the right to tell you what you can and cannot do except yourself. Enjoy our unblock facebook website, and please tell all of your friends.

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