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The Facebook Virus AKA Koobface – Why Fast Removal is Critical

Malicious applications are using your fear to tap yourself and your friends for information. You need to be aware of these dangers and protect yourself against these.

Developers can make their own applications to use in Facebook. These applications are meant to enhance the areas of use for the social society of Facebook.

But, lately we see that some developers also enhance the malicious activities in Facebook environment with their applications.

The latest threats towards the millions of Facebook users are applications that makes warnings against threats that users fear the most, Trojans or viruses or malfunctions in your applications.

Through warnings given to the users if they have been visiting your guestbook, tells the user that Facebook is closing down. The following message prompts up for the user;

“[name of one of your friends] has reported you to Facebook for breaching Facebook user terms. This is an official warning! Facebook is looking into what has happened and will do something with this immediately “.

For a Facebook user this can be a near social death experience, and therefore clicks on the warning. Trend Micro company informs that when you do this, you will be asked to install the fake application. By doing so, your account in Facebook will be drained for information, your friends will be spammed with the same message, and therefore the application will spread quickly to other users without you knowing anything at all.

Profile information will be stolen, all from e-mail addresses and activities information and photos etc. User name and passwords will as we know it now, not be stolen from the account.

This is a new trend in virus development and spreading tactics. A similar application called “The Error Check System”, has also created problems for Facebook users. This application tells the users that someone has had problems seeing your profile, and for some users this can be seen as dramatic. By installing the application offered to fix the problem, you participate in spreading the virus to your contacts and information is tapped from your account.

Another interesting case appearing with this latest application is that a Google search is planted by the “The Error Check System” application that gives you hits to another malicious application. Trend Micro anti virus company says this is a new trend and calls it for “search engine optimization toxin” The people behind this evil stunt, hopes that you as a user will be enough tempted to click on some of the hits and search more information, which will lead to more damage to your computer systems.\

If you have installed some of these applications it is easy to remove them again. You will not be able to undo the damage done already by these applications.

If you press on applications in lowermost right corner, press edit and then press on the cross beside the application you want to remove, then you are safe again.

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